Work at Nesperta

Out-of-the-box operations and bold decisions helped us transform from a small business to a company which currently employs several hundred people. We are the leader in the UV gel nail polish industry with high quality products. Our leading brand is Semilac, to which we owe our international success.

We are open to changes. We quickly adapt to the rules of a dynamic market. We learn from our own mistakes and come to conclusions that later help us make strategic decisions. In our business model, we combine the features of a corporation and a start-up – ambition and courage with a friendly atmosphere and the desire to constantly develop.

The foundation of Nesperta’s activities are people. According to our employees:

We create a friendly atmosphere based on mutual trust and respect. We are eager to help, support each other and just like each other a lot.

We value each other’s competence. That is why we learn from each other in different areas, broadening our horizons. We inspire each other and motivate ourselves to work.

We dynamically react to changes and are not afraid of addressing difficult issues.

We complete our tasks with full commitment because we are ambitious and we love what we are doing.

We are passionate about supporting the brand’s development, including internationally. We are successful and we achieve our professional goals!

What does the application process look like in our company?
  1. Submission of resumes for a job opening.
  2. Analysis of the provided information (we pay attention to the competence, skills and experience required for a given position) and sending an invitation to participate in the recruitment process.
  3. Meeting with a HR employee and a line manager. During the meeting, we want to get to know you – your skills and competence, and your passions.
  4. Choosing the right candidate for a given position.
  5. Completion of the application process. Thanking other candidates for participating in the process.
What are the benefits of working with us?

You will gain real influence in a well-known, valued company with a global presence. You will witness how it grows every day.

We appreciate knowledge and skills and we express this among other ways by offering a satisfactory salary.

You will receive a comprehensive social package of benefits: private Medicover medical care, a Multisport card and group life insurance. We care about your health and well-being.

Enthusiasts of our products receive discounts on their purchases.

Job openings

Check the current application process here:,14478/oferty-pracy.

Didn’t find a job opening that suits you?

Send your resume to:

We are looking forward to receiving your application. Perhaps you will join our company soon!