Meet our portfolio

Semilac – these are mainly UV gel nail polishes which have stolen the hearts (and nails!) of Polish women*. Apart from the most popular nail polishes, the brand offers manicure, care and make-up products. We catch eyes, blush cheeks and highlight lips!

hi hybrid – UV gel nail polishes which can be used at home and make brilliantly colourful nail manicure excellent fun for you and your closest ones! A manicure that looks like on the cover of magazines?! Easy like a selfie!


Tomasz Gołębiewski


Once, when I was talking about the beginning of my business, I heard that I am a self-made man. That term really struck me because it perfectly describes the path I took but also the ambitions I bring to the company every day.

Since the beginning of my activities in the beauty sector, my goal was to create a global brand that would amaze women around the world. One that would be a synonym for the highest quality at a reasonable price. One that would allow women to show their potential and make even their wildest dreams come true. I myself am not afraid to dream.

My desire for self-fulfilment has brought me from a wholesaler to a manufacturer. Thanks to continued learning and development, I transformed a local brand into a concept which is now available on 5 continents. There were some slip-ups and failures but every one of them was a lesson learned and I continued my work.

I still care about the development of the brand, which is why I look for new ideas and interesting solutions every day. I do it all for the unique women who continue to inspire me. You are one of them.


We have launched the first Instagram chatbot in the Polish market. It appears on the profile of hi hybrid, our brand aimed at younger customers.

It is an incredibly important award because the industry jurors in this independent contest are representatives of the most prominent supermarket chains, gas stations, beauty supply stores and pharmacies.

There are more of us! Interns joined our company in early July – they are the first beneficiaries of the ‘Nesperta Young Talents’ programme.

In our work we take care of much more than the high quality of our products. We also prioritize the health of our employees and their families.