August 31, 2021

Nesperta Young Talents

by Aleksandra Kmieciak in Aktualności EN

There are more of us! Interns joined our company in early July – they are the first beneficiaries of the ‘Nesperta Young Talents’ programme. What are they like? Young, talented and ready for new professional challenges. We have four interns, and right from the start each of them has received support from a supervisor and mentor, who helped them come up with an individual career path in our organisation. Interestingly, during our one-year programme, each intern may join 3 departments (and spend at least 4 months in each of them) to finally decide which one best suits their skills and interests. The internship is paid and its participants have signed agreements which give them the right to the same benefits as other Nesperta employees. In a year, the best of our interns may be offered full-time jobs and full pay.