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Pearls of the Cosmetics Market Contest!

We reached the podium of the Pearls of the Cosmetics Market Contest!

It is an incredibly important award because the industry jurors in this independent contest are representatives of the most prominent supermarket chains, gas stations, beauty supply stores and pharmacies, including Super-Pharm Poland, Douglas Poland, Hebe Beauty Supply Stores, Natura Beauty Supply Stores, Kontigo Beauty Supply Stores, Notino, Gemini, and Dr.Max pharmacies. Their task is to test products submitted for testing and review their market potential.

And this year, the jury awarded our Semilac One Step Hybrid product line with a bronze medal in category INNOVATION, recognising its importance for the whole category of UV gel nail polishes. The award is all the more satisfying because no other UV gel manicure product has been awarded. For us, it is a reward for many months of hard work on this innovative formula, while for women it is another proof that they should take their first steps in UV gel polish manicure with Semilac One Step Hybrid.

Nesperta Young Talents

There are more of us! Interns joined our company in early July – they are the first beneficiaries of the ‘Nesperta Young Talents’ programme. What are they like? Young, talented and ready for new professional challenges. We have four interns, and right from the start each of them has received support from a supervisor and mentor, who helped them come up with an individual career path in our organisation. Interestingly, during our one-year programme, each intern may join 3 departments (and spend at least 4 months in each of them) to finally decide which one best suits their skills and interests. The internship is paid and its participants have signed agreements which give them the right to the same benefits as other Nesperta employees. In a year, the best of our interns may be offered full-time jobs and full pay.

We are boosting our immunity for autumn!

In our work we take care of much more than the high quality of our products. We also prioritize the health of our employees and their families – especially in these challenging times when we need to fight the pandemic. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, we have taken many steps to plan and organise our work so as to minimise the risk of infection.

We want to be prepared for the autumn and any new waves of infection. We are doing our utmost to build ‘corporate immunity’, which is why we decided that the day of your vaccination appointment should be a day off work. But that’s not all! Every fully vaccinated employee may count on another injection – this time of cash, because he or she is entitled to a one-off bonus added to the regular salary.

We believe that our joint efforts will soon allow us to return things to normal.

Help comes from the heart. Literally!

We are joining another charity campaign. This time we are opening our hearts in our will to help single mothers.
We understand well that great needs may be satisfied by small activities, therefore at Nesperta we go beyond the business framework. We are actively supporting one of the local institutions, the House for Single Mothers in Kiekrz, run by the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy.
In the Colour Factory you can find a heart-shaped container where all Nesperta employees can place plastic screw caps.
The profits from the sale of the caps will contribute to financing psychological, therapeutic, legal and spiritual assistance for the residents of the centre, as well as allowing them to participate in training and workshops.

Day off for vaccination. For good health!

As part of the efforts to combat the pandemic, Nesperta employees get an extra day off for vaccination against COVID-19.
Recent months have shown the importance of collaboration and mutual responsibility for public welfare. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Nesperta has supported the heroes: the doctors, nurses and paramedics who remain on the front line in the fight against the effects of the pandemic.
The Management Board of Nesperta has decided to grant an additional day off to all employees getting a COVID-19 vaccination.
Vaccination appointments are often on weekdays. Starting from 10 May 2021, our employees may enjoy the convenience of choosing a time that suits them, due to the ability to take an extra day off.
We believe that this will help us to achieve herd immunity faster and to return to pre-pandemic life. All for our common good!