August 31, 2021

Pearls of the Cosmetics Market Contest!

by Aleksandra Kmieciak in Aktualnoƛci EN

We reached the podium of the Pearls of the Cosmetics Market Contest!

It is an incredibly important award because the industry jurors in this independent contest are representatives of the most prominent supermarket chains, gas stations, beauty supply stores and pharmacies, including Super-Pharm Poland, Douglas Poland, Hebe Beauty Supply Stores, Natura Beauty Supply Stores, Kontigo Beauty Supply Stores, Notino, Gemini, and Dr.Max pharmacies. Their task is to test products submitted for testing and review their market potential.

And this year, the jury awarded our Semilac One Step Hybrid product line with a bronze medal in category INNOVATION, recognising its importance for the whole category of UV gel nail polishes. The award is all the more satisfying because no other UV gel manicure product has been awarded. For us, it is a reward for many months of hard work on this innovative formula, while for women it is another proof that they should take their first steps in UV gel polish manicure with Semilac One Step Hybrid.