August 31, 2021

We are boosting our immunity for autumn!

by Aleksandra Kmieciak in Aktualności EN

In our work we take care of much more than the high quality of our products. We also prioritize the health of our employees and their families – especially in these challenging times when we need to fight the pandemic. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, we have taken many steps to plan and organise our work so as to minimise the risk of infection.

We want to be prepared for the autumn and any new waves of infection. We are doing our utmost to build ‘corporate immunity’, which is why we decided that the day of your vaccination appointment should be a day off work. But that’s not all! Every fully vaccinated employee may count on another injection – this time of cash, because he or she is entitled to a one-off bonus added to the regular salary.

We believe that our joint efforts will soon allow us to return things to normal.