June 29, 2021

Day off for vaccination. For good health!

by Zbigniew Marzec in Aktualnoƛci EN

As part of the efforts to combat the pandemic, Nesperta employees get an extra day off for vaccination against COVID-19.
Recent months have shown the importance of collaboration and mutual responsibility for public welfare. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Nesperta has supported the heroes: the doctors, nurses and paramedics who remain on the front line in the fight against the effects of the pandemic.
The Management Board of Nesperta has decided to grant an additional day off to all employees getting a COVID-19 vaccination.
Vaccination appointments are often on weekdays. Starting from 10 May 2021, our employees may enjoy the convenience of choosing a time that suits them, due to the ability to take an extra day off.
We believe that this will help us to achieve herd immunity faster and to return to pre-pandemic life. All for our common good!