We have launched the first Instagram chatbot in the Polish market. It appears on the profile of hi hybrid, our brand aimed at younger customers. It was developed in cooperation with KODA Bots, which has so far helped us work on solutions for Semilac. The hi hybrid chatbot on Instagram automatically responds to users who react to the brand’s activity, with its language and manner of communication planned taking into consideration the specific nature of the target group, mostly teenagers.

The chatbot on the hi hybrid Instagram profile is intended to engage customers and invite them to the world of this brand in an attractive way, such as by initiating contact. Moreover, this tool allows fans to make purchases quickly through our online shop. When a user reacts to stories posted by hi hybrid or comments on photos posted on the brand profile, the chatbot automatically sends a message to the user and starts a conversation. The tool has a handover protocol, which is a function that makes it possible to automatically separate conversations managed by the chatbot and by a moderator, because they are directed to two separate inboxes. Thanks to this, despite the increased traffic generated by the chatbot as it starts its own conversations, questions to the moderator are available in a separate folder, where they can be accessed by people who correspond with customers on an everyday basis.

Instagram is open to automation

In June of this year, Instagram announced that brands can create chatbots, which really means it is giving its business users more options to acquire customers. hi hybrid is the first brand in Poland to make use of this option, working with KODA Bots to implement a fully operational tool that can supply services to the almost 78,000 followers of the profile.

Our brand chatbot has many interesting options which directly correspond to what hi Girls are looking for online. The tool suggests manicure looks and informs customers about our current special offers. The bot presents products and how to use them, redirecting users to the online shop, all in an accessible manner. Moreover, the tool may be used for special actions, such as quizzes or contests.