Nesperta undertakes numerous non-commercial activities. We actively support various types of charity events, including The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

This year was no different! In the past, we have donated Margaret’s beautiful dress and Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak’s bold jumpsuit to charity auctions. Celebrities appeared in a commercial for our Semilac UV gel nail polishes. The outfits were auctioned for over 1000 zlotys! In 2021, the 29th WOŚP Grand Finale Fundraiser was joined by… pandas!

At Nesperta, we organised an internal auction to which we donated stuffed animals – 5 big and 9 small pandas. Our employees were eager to contribute to the auctions. Our determination and willingness to help enabled us to donate PLN 9 469 to the famous collection box with its characteristic heart. All the funds we raised supported laryngology, otorhinolaryngology and head diagnostics. At the beginning of February, the pandas were given to winners of the auctions.

Next year marks the 30th Grand Finale Fundraiser of The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. Nesperta is already preparing to join it as a good cause!